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Grow your business with VMware Managed Service Provider Program


your business with VMware Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program

  • MSP owns ToS & support
  • MSP can offer Geographic Expansion
  • MSP can reach new customer verticals
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Differentiate your business with VMware XaaS offerings


your business with distinguished VMware XaaS offerings

  • VMware Cloud on AWS
  • VMware Cloud Director service
  • CloudHealth
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Simplify your operations with VMware Cloud Provider Hub


your operations with VMware Cloud Provider Hub

  • Automated service activation
  • Simplified tenant on-boarding
  • Seamless usage information
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VMware Cloud Provider Ecosystem

VMware has 4000+ service providers


Service Providers

VMware cloud provider program is spread across 120+ countries



VMware cloud provider program runs on 10 million+ VMs


Million+ VMs

VMware cloud provider program runs on 10000+ data centers


Data Centers

Partner Case Studies


“Just this quarter alone, we’ve gone from zero to five Fortune 500 logos buying VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware is recognizing the cloud piece with this new master competency. Therefore, we can really drive this pinpoint solution that our customers are asking from us and we team with VMware on.”

CEO and Founder, FACTION

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“Using VMware’s Cloud Provider Hub is very seamless. It offers us a one-stop portal to provision new customers, and new tenants as we onboard them and it gives us the ability to quickly and easily do all kinds of management tasks that allow the project to continue to move quickly, without having to worry about waiting for someone else who’s not necessarily within our business, to do anything.”

Senior Cloud and DevOps Architect

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“VMware Cloud on AWS provides a foundational platform to run VMware solutions without having to engineer a solution from the ground up. The platform delivers the robust security and performance required for enterprise-grade applications, making VMware Cloud on AWS a natural fit for many solutions, including VMware Horizon Cloud and VMware Cloud Director for multitenancy.”

Senior VMware Lead and Effectual Co-Founder

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Video Testimonials

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VMware Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program
VMware Cloud Provider Hub

What our existing MSP Partners are saying


“Very easy to work with the team at VMware. They are the most responsive vendor we have.”

“Our biggest outcome has been the increase of our customer base. We have onboarded strategic accounts thanks to the VMware cloud provider partner program.”

“Provide solutions on the cloud using VMware technology that my customers already have, making the journey smoother and easier to adopt cloud.”

“Ability to capture additional profit on the sale.”

“The MSP program makes it easier to have a fixed cost to the customer for our own managed service solution.”

“Lends gravitas to our offerings. Provides confidence for our customers that the solution is backed by VMware.”

“Ease and flexibility with VMware product consumption.”

“I am able to provide a best in class software to my customers and a service offering wrapped around it.”