Challenges to Multi-Cloud Adoption

Multi-cloud deployment challenges faced by partners

Multi-cloud brings a whole set of challenges such as:

  • Siloed operations
  • Custom tooling
  • Increased investment in IT service management solutions
  • High operational costs

Multi-cloud deployments come with their own tools to monitor and manage the deployments, and partners are ending up with siloed operations and increased investments in service integration and management for their multi-cloud deployments. Many partners are still operating these multi-cloud deployments and managed services in silos with custom tooling.

The Managed Service Provider (MSP) model helps overcome these barriers to multi-cloud adoption.

VMware-based Cloud Services that meet your Business Needs

VMware’s Cloud Provider partner program is an ecosystem of over 4,500+ service providers located in more than 120+ countries offering VMware-based cloud services that address every business case, data sovereignty need, compliance requirement, and vertical market.

There are two models in the VMware partner program - License Rental and Managed Service Provider.

The Managed Service Provider route to market gives partners the option to use VMware software-as-a-service offerings without investment in their own data center infrastructure, delivering managed services on top.

Leverage VMware's data center through the MSP model

Choosing the Right Business Model

Choosing the right business model: rental or MSP

VMware offers our service provider partners several business models to choose from. The best approach to determine the right fit, starts with the intention to own the terms of service for end customers.

Determining MSP is the Right Fit:

  • Rental Model:
    If you’d prefer to build services yourself in your own data center, then the VMware Cloud Provider License Rental Program is the right model for your business.
  • Managed Service Provider Model:
    If you’d like to leverage VMware’s data center and purchase VMware Cloud offerings to provide fully managed services on top, with the VMware brand, then the Managed Service Provider Program is the right choice for your business.

Requirements to Becoming an MSP

Service Providers must sign a new agreement with a minimum committed MSRP spend through an Aggregator. As a participating partner, they own the terms of service with their customers and must include support and managed services.

  • Join VMware Partner Network and VMware cloud provider ecosystem
  • Complete requirements of preferred tier
  • Sign Aggregator contract: minimum commit spend
  • Own terms of service and provide support
  • Provide fully managed services
  • Complete training: Sales & technical accreditations
Evaluating requirements to becoming an MSP


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