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VMware Cloud Provider Hub

Deploy, provision, and manage VMware XaaS offerings

The VMware Cloud Provider™ Hub is a centralized portal for VMware partners to deploy, provision, and manage VMware XaaS offerings. The VMware Cloud Provider Hub enables end-to-end customer lifecycle management, which is a foundation for delivering managed services, and expansion of partners’ managed services portfolio with VMware XaaS offerings. It is the evolution of the VMware Managed Service Provider (MSP) Platform.

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VMware Cloud Provider HubVMware Cloud Provider Hub

Videos and Animations

Review videos on VMware Cloud Provider Hub.

Introduction to VMware Cloud Provider Hub

Simplify your multi-cloud management with VMware Cloud Provider Hub.

VMware Cloud Provider Hub - Create a Master Organization

This video walks through how to set up a Master Organization in VMware Cloud Provider Hub.

VMware Cloud Provider Hub - Tenant Creation & Service Activation

VMware Cloud Provider Hub - This session covers the features for providers and tenants such as service, tenant, user, usage and support management.

VMware Cloud Provider Hub - Roles and Permissions

As an organization owner, you invite users to your organization and give them role-based access to the organization's resources. You can view your list of tenants and users, and edit their roles.

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