VMware’s ISV Tech Partner Ecosystem Starts Hybridizing their Apps for VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS, a jointly engineered solution by the leaders of private and public cloud, delivers on the promise of seamless hybrid cloud. It enables VMware’s ISV technology partners to offer hybrid cloud solutions that have not been available in traditional public clouds. These solutions enable VMware customers to optimize costs, accelerate innovation, and respond faster to change.

VMware has one of the world’s largest ISV partner ecosystems. Nearly 5,000 business applications support vSphere today, as well as more than 1,000 infrastructure ISVs technology partners. Prior to initial availability in AWS US West (Oregon) region, our partners started testing their solutions for compatibility. At launch we will have more than 30 solutions available to customers with a robust pipeline of partner solutions working to self-test to validate compatibility with the VMware Cloud on AWS service. These solutions are now available for customer deployment in VMware Cloud on AWS. Many of our partners are taking the next step to hybridize their solutions across VMware Cloud on AWS and on-prem vSphere, as well as leverage native AWS services (e.g. S3, EBS, Alexa, etc.) to further differentiate their offerings.

One of the new hybrid cloud capabilities is cost optimization with application portability. Moving a workload from on-prem to VMware Cloud on AWS is easy, fast, and requires no re-platforming, no re-factoring or otherwise modifying the workload as in traditional public clouds. The enterprise simply moves the workload “as is”. VMware Cloud on AWS gives customers the freedom to change their minds later, because the enterprise can seamlessly migrate the workload “as is” back to on-prem. As of initial availability, we have four ISV partners offering cost assessment tools. They are AkasiaCloud, CloudCheckr, CloudPhysics, and RISC Networks. Their cost models show that VMware Cloud on AWS is cost effective versus traditional on-prem deployments. This enables an enterprise to shift from CAPEX to OPEX dynamically based on real business needs versus forecasted ones. Some of our partners have gone further and released free self-assessment tools via their web sites. We encourage enterprises to check out these tools and get an early look as to whether VMware Cloud on AWS makes economic sense.

VMware Cloud on AWS enables a new model for DevOps. In traditional DevOps, the enterprise starts “dev” in the public cloud, then transforms the application from public cloud format to on-prem format, then moves the app from public cloud to on-prem, then does a lot regression testing to make sure that the app works on-prem, and then etc., etc., etc. In the new DevOps model, imagine a customer being able to rapidly spin up an SDDC in VMware Cloud on AWS, test the version of their entire application stack at scale for a few days or weeks, and then spin it back down. No need to buy new hardware, configure storage, etc., and once the new application is ready for production, the enterprise seamlessly migrates it “as is” from VMware Cloud on AWS to on-prem. VMware Cloud on AWS brings the enterprise closer to the true vision of DevOps: innovation acceleration.

As of initial availability, enterprises can use the same DevOps tools that they are accustomed to in traditional public clouds in VMware Cloud in AWS. For example:

– Ansible Tower, Chef Automate, Puppet Enterprise, and Saltstack

– CloudBees Jenkins for managing and controlling application development lifecycle

– JFrog for binary repository

– Dynatrace and CA Technologies for application performance monitoring

– Splunk for security information and event management

As of initial availability, enterprises can also use in VMware Cloud in AWS the same security and compliance solutions that they are accustomed to on-prem and in traditional public clouds. Some of our security and compliance partners for VMware Cloud on AWS include:

– Trend Micro

– SafeNet

– Palo Alto

– McAfee

– Hytrust

– Fortinet

– F5

– DivvyCloud

Our vision is to enable enterprises to deploy the same data protection solutions that they are accustomed to on-prem in VMware Cloud on AWS. As of initial availability, enterprises can deploy Dell EMC Data Protection.

Over upcoming releases, security and data protection partners will be hybridizing their apps using the unique capabilities provided by VMware-ready programs for VMware vSAN/Backup, Disaster Recovery, NetX, EPSEC, 3rd party storage, and Integrated UI. Imagine agent-less security across on-prem and public cloud. Imagine an enterprise implementing a security application (e.g. IPS, firewall, etc.) with the same rules, policies, and operational processes across on-prem and public cloud from a single pane of glass. That’s what we mean by VMware-ready.

Finally, we encourage our existing partners, as well as new partners, to test their solutions on VMware Cloud on AWS, begin to hybridize them, and create additional value to enterprises. For details, please contact vmcisv@vmware.com

For more information on solutions that enterprises can deploy in VMware Cloud on AWS, please visit cloud.vmware.com/vmc-aws/partners

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