VMware Cloud on AWS – An Ideal and Cost-effective Approach to your Hybrid Cloud Adoption

The global public cloud market is growing rapidly in the recent few years. And the cloud adoption rate is expected to grow at the double-digit rate in 2018 and beyond. Per a research study by Taneja Group, more than two-thirds of IT practitioners plan on using hybrid clouds as their long-term infrastructure choice, while 16% prefer on-premises clouds only and the remaining 16% want their infrastructure exclusively in the public cloud. The hybrid cloud approach is attractive to companies for many reasons. With the right architecture, the data center is extended seamlessly from on-prem to the cloud, and the cloud capacity can be leveraged for development and testing cycles on-demand. Hybrid clouds enables other compelling use cases such as cloud-enabled backup and disaster recovery. Done right, a hybrid cloud improves IT agility and efficiency while reducing overall cost.

VMware Cloud on AWS provides customers an ideal and unique path to the public and hybrid cloud adoption, enabling seamless connection, migration and integration between the on premise and public cloud data centers. The key technical attributes that make VMware Cloud on AWS an ideal hybrid cloud choice are:

  • Operational consistency across on-premises and public cloud
  • Integrated hybrid cloud management
  • Enterprise-grade application workload support
  • Higher-than-average VM density and efficiency
  • Seamless network bridging and features
  • Uncompromised workload portability
  • In addition, there is no need to re-architect applications when customers migrate vSphere-based virtual machines to VMware Cloud on AWS for VMware customers. You can enjoy the benefits of consistent operations management with the tools you are already familiar with. There is no need to spend significant resources in retraining the IT staff. VMware Cloud on AWS is a managed service offered by VMware which takes care of the entire lifecycle management of the virtualization software stack.

    In addition to the technical benefits listed above, VMware Cloud on AWS offers a cost-effective approach to a customer’s public and hybrid cloud adoption. We have commissioned Taneja Group to do an in-depth research on this topic. In the study, a cost comparison analysis is performed between VMware Cloud on AWS and Microsoft Azure. The cloud scenarios are configured as general-purpose IaaS systems capable of running business-critical workloads. It turns out that VMware Cloud on AWS solution provides 14% and 17% cost savings over the similar Microsoft Azure configurations for a 3-year subscription service and the on-demand service respectively.

    Taneja Group further examines the cost of a hybrid cloud configuration where the workloads are run both on-prem and in the public cloud. In the analysis, the cost of upgrading an existing VMware environment, based on a typical VMware installed base scenario, is compared to the cost required to deploy a new Microsoft Azure Stack solution provided by one of Microsoft’s hardware provider partners. The study concludes that VMware’s hybrid cloud solution provides customers a whopping 39% savings over the Microsoft’s Azure/Azure Stack solution.

    To read the detailed cost analysis mentioned above, and to learn more about why VMware Cloud on AWS is an ideal approach to the public and hybrid cloud adoption, please download the Taneja Group whitepaper here.

    Overall, VMware Cloud on AWS solution provides greater economic and technical benefits over other solutions for many VMware customers. It makes tremendous sense to maintain compatibility with existing virtualized infrastructure by going with VMware Cloud on AWS for your hybrid cloud needs!

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