Prepare for VMware Cloud on AWS by Planning for Migration of Applications

In a previous blog, we described the underpinning technology and connectivity framework that drives the bi-directional workload portability between on-premises and VMware Cloud on AWS. We also discussed the requirements, configurations and preparations needed to be able to connect the new SDDC to your on-premises environment to leverage this application mobility.

This blog will help you prepare for one of the main use cases for VMware Cloud on AWS: Application Migration. The ability to extend on-premises data centers and easily migrate application workloads without conversions is a key driver of VMware Cloud on AWS. The VMware Cloud on AWS – Application Migration Use Case video provides a high-level understanding of migrating applications to the cloud and does a good job of explaining this use case.

Before your SDDC is deployed however, you should really start thinking about which applications you’re planning to migrate. Deploying your SDDC and connecting it with your on-premises datacenter is a very structured process, but deciding which applications to migrate is much more subjective and requires careful consideration of the following to ensure things run smoothly:

– What applications or application components are the “best” to move to VMware Cloud on AWS?
– Are some applications better candidates than others and how do I rank them?
– Which VMs should not be moved and why?
– How do I ensure I am not splitting an application up and missing a VM that might be crucial to it functioning properly?

This white paper, Cloud Migration Planning – VMware Cloud on AWS, provides a structured migration planning process and outlines the steps that need to be undertaken when migrating applications to VMware Cloud on AWS. This document will walk you through:

– Collecting the migration data
– Tools that can be used to speed up the collection effort
– Analyzing the data for the purposes of application ranking
– Specific migration options available to help you move these applications
– VMware services that can help with the overall migration process

One thing you will want to investigate before moving over your applications is VMware’s Hybrid Cloud Extension, which can greatly simplify your migration. Hybrid Cloud Extension is an add-on feature to VMware Cloud on AWS and abstracts on-premises and cloud resources and presents them to apps as one continuous hybrid cloud. Over this, Hybrid Cloud Extension provides high-performance, secure and optimized multisite interconnects. The abstraction and interconnects create infrastructure hybridity. Over this hybridity, Hybrid Cloud Extension facilitates secure and seamless app mobility across on-premises vSphere platforms and VMware Cloud on AWS.

Following the migration process outlined in the white paper and leveraging tools like Hybrid Cloud Extension will ensure you successfully migrate your applications to VMware Cloud on AWS.

This is just a portion of the work you should undertake when preparing for a VMware Cloud on AWS deployment. For more details on this and other topics please read the Preparing for VMware Cloud on AWS white paper. By following the guidance in this technical document, you will be ready to use your VMware Cloud on AWS the day you deploy it.

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