IBM-American Airlines case study

Customer Experience at American Airlines takes flight with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

Traveling can be stressful, especially when unforeseen changes happen at the last minute. American Airlines saw this as an opportunity to better service their customers by providing more choice and up-to-date information.

Instead of automatically allocating a new flight and seat to customers in the event of a flight cancellation or serious delay – such as during periods of extreme weather – American Airlines approached IBM Cloud to develop an automated service that offered its customers a choice of replacement flights through the channel of their choice.

While the Dynamic Rebooking service was in develelopment, American Airlines partnered with IBM, and used VMware HCX on IBM Cloud to migrate key legacy customer-facing applications to the cloud. This enabled the world’s largest airline to move quicker when responding to shifting customer needs.

Watch the full American Airlines case study below:


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