VMworld Sessions Focused On The Needs Of DevOps

VMworld is just around the corner, so come and  check out our newer additions to the company’s portfolio of products and services.  VMware is evolving strongly as both a Cloud company and a SaaS Company, and we have several technologies to exhibit at the event which do a great job showing how this process is happening, including  Wavefront by VMware and VMware Cloud PKS ( VMware Cloud PKS ). are two great examples of this evolution. Both SaaS offerings help customers build and run cloud native SaaS applications, focusing on the needs  of DevOps and developers.

Wavefront is a metrics monitoring and analytics solution that handles the high-scale requirements of modern cloud-native applications.  These apps often require an ability to capture and analyze metrics at levels greater than 100K points per second. Wavefront gives DevOps teams and Developers the ability to quickly detect anomalies impacting production cloud native SaaS apps and to see and correlate application performance trends easily. It supports ingestion and instant visualization of high velocity metrics at up to 1M points per second.

VMware Cloud PKS addresses the needs of DevOps teams who want to simplify Kubernetes operations through the use of a SaaS offering.  VMware Cloud PKS delivers an enterprise grade solution for Kubernetes that is multi cloud ready and meets operational requirements for high availability, policy management and security but still gives developers easy access to container resources.  As a hosted solution VMware Cloud PKS provides an always up to date, open source conformant K8S solution which eliminates the need for teams to have deep operational experience deploying and operating Kubernetes. VMware Cloud PKS also continuously optimizes deployed cluster size to meet a host of requirements including “best cost.

Wavefront by VMware Sessions at VMworld

  • Masters of Scale: How DevOps Teams Illuminate the Cloud Journey (Session Code:1399, Session ID: MGT1399BU):This session is an introduction to metrics-driven analytics from Wavefront by VMware, a new way of software-as-a-service (SaaS) metrics-driven analytics. Find out how DevOps and developer teams at Box and other successful SaaS organizations use metrics-driven insights to get real-time visibility into the performance of their cloud-native services at scale (more than 1 million pps).
  • See Everything: Cross-Cloud Observability with Wavefront (Session Code:1540, Session ID: MGT1540BU): It’s challenging to keep your application running and performing well,especially in our dynamic, tech-enabled world. This session will show you how Wavefront can recognize anomalies and quickly pinpoint problems to give you a helping hand. See how you can drill down from sub second application response times to the relevant application area/tier with ease.
  • Manage Wavefront Monitoring with the New VMware Application Proxy (Session Code: 2139 Session ID: MGT2139BU): IT teams are required to maintain availability, performance, and security for business applications.DevOps need agility and freedom to deliver competitive features and reduce time to value. Whilst these functions may seem disparate at first, there are ways to make sure they are not at odds with each other. See how VMware gives IT the control they need to maintain availability and performance, while giving DevOps fast and flexible monitoring and troubleshooting.  

VMware Cloud PKS Sessions at VMworld

  • Intro to VMware Cloud PKS Managed K8s Service on Public Cloud (Session ID: CNA2084BU): See how VMware Cloud PKS provides easy-to-use, secure-by-default, and highly efficient Kubernetes clusters for modern app development and IT operations.  Built with smart clusters for efficient resource management and smart policies for access and control, VMware Cloud PKS helps run large-scale distributed systems more efficiently than DIY or other native public cloud Kubernetes offerings. As a VMware Cloud Service with integrated identity, centralized billing, and fully transparent pricing, VMware Cloud PKS gives you a cost-effective, pay-for-what-you-use, always-on app.
  • Deep Dive: VMware Cloud PKS K8s as a Service on Public Cloud (Session ID: CNA3124BU): This session highlights  the key features and functionality that power the VMware Cloud PKS. This live exploration of the service will guide you through the creation of a Kubernetes smart cluster, the deployment of an application, the application of access policies, monitoring the environment, and interconnecting with your existing AWS services. On day 1, learn best practices and considerations. On day 2, see the operations our VMware engineers developed for experienced users.
  • Manage 100s of clusters, 1000s of namespaces using VMware Cloud PKS (Session ID: CNA3173BU): VMware Cloud PKS allows businesses to structure their Kubernetes-as-a-Service offering a multitude of ways using a simple folder and project concept. This straightforward approach enables administrators to model everything from business units to departments to large software development projects with multiple contributing organizations. Operating in a least privilege resource model and using a few simple constructs, access policies applied to folders and projects combine to create a powerful authorization security scheme. In this session, you will learn how to structure your organization and apply access policies to maximize security and provide the right level of access to all of your Kubernetes clusters using the VMware Cloud PKS UI and CLI.

VMworld is a great opportunity not only to attend innovative and informative sessions, but to network with like-minded peers and pioneers. However, if you can’t make a session at the event,  check out the VMworld site about a month to 90 days after the live event, where recordings will be available on replay. Learn More on VMware Cloud Services.

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