Learn how to Optimize the Costs of Cloud Operations at VMworld 2018

IT and app owners alike want to understand and manage the costs associated with their applications.  The larger the organization, the greater the demand for cost predictability and assurance that development resources – whether on premise or in the cloud – are utilized efficiently.  

At this year’s VMworld, there are a number of sessions looking at how Cost Insight helps organizations achieve exactly those goals:

  • Doing the Impossible: Change Dev Team Spending Behavior Through Showback (Session ID: MGT1645BU).
    Has your CIO made you responsible for getting your dev team’s out-of-control cloud usage and spending under control? VMware Cost Insight can help you generate true multi-cloud showback statements, helping you encourage the development team to carefully utilize cloud resources. This session introduces the latest version of VMware Cost Insight and dives into primary multi-cloud cost management use cases.”
  • Deep Dive: How to Drive Down Your Cost in Hybrid Cloud with Cost Insight (Session ID: MGT2887BU)
    In this session, you will learn how VMware IT has used Cost Insight to make a more informed choice between private and public cloud workload usage, and make other adjustments that are saving them millions every quarter.”

VMware Cost Insight is a cost monitoring and optimization service for private, hybrid and public clouds that provides IT and app teams deep visibility into their cloud spending, along with the ability to easily communicate this information to line of business and app owners.  It also automatically discovers resources, identifies unused or underutilized resources, and then recommends actions to take of advantage of these resources to optimize investments across private and public clouds.

The visibility that Cost Insight provides can help teams avoid month-to-month surprises related to the cost of public cloud services.  If you’re planning for app migration, it can also help you determine the total cost of ownership for an application once moved to the public cloud.

Key capabilities of Cost Insight include the ability to:

  • Aggregate the cost and utilization of resources across private, hybrid and public clouds.
  • Identify unused and powered off resources, and unattached storage, to support better cost management of cloud resources.
  • Provide recommendations on the best use of AWS and Azure reserved instances to minimize ongoing operational costs.
  • Generate views of resource usage and costs by application, project, application development team, end user and a number of other dimensions.
  • Provide insights into the cost impact, including network egress costs, of moving data center workloads to VMware cloud on AWS.

Catch the most informative sessions on Cost Insight and more by registering for VMworld 2018 today, or learn more about VMware Cost Insight by visiting our website.

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