2018 Webinar Series

Upcoming Webinar: Accelerate your Oracle Workload Migration to the Cloud using VMware Cloud on AWS

Are you thinking of migrating your Oracle workloads to cloud without the hassles for application refactoring/re-architecture? Then you are at the right place here. Accelerate your Oracle workload migration to the cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS.

Today, Public cloud consumption is mainstream within overall enterprise market, however, when it comes to migration of business-critical applications, there are lot of things that need to be taken care of such as zero downtime, consistent operating models, security and compliance etc. VMware Cloud on AWS helps organizations address these challenges and helps them migrate their Oracle workloads and applications seamlessly and cost-effectively. VMware Cloud on AWS is an integrated cloud offering jointly developed by AWS and VMware delivering a highly scalable, secure and innovative service that allows organizations to migrate and extend their on-premises VMware vSphere-based environments to the AWS Cloud running on next-generation Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) bare metal infrastructure.

Please join VMware and House of Brick and discover why customers are choosing VMware Cloud on AWS to run Oracle workloads. VMware experts with talk about overview of VMware Cloud on AWS, what’s new in the service and how to get started. And House of Brick experts will share their experience about the service, case studies, customer stories, architectural considerations and lot more.

Join us to learn about:

  • Overview of VMware Cloud on AWS, What’s new in the service
  • Why VMware Cloud on AWS is the ideal platform for running Oracle applications
  • Architectural considerations for migrating and running business critical applications on VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Performance of running Oracle applications in VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Oracle licensing options and TCO implications
  • Case studies and customer stories
  • How to get started

So, what are you waiting for? Register here and get your questions answered from the experts.

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