VMware Cloud Provider Partner Fujitsu Optimizes Operational Efficiency for Retail Client, Wacoal Corporation

One of the latest companies to leverage digital solutions by Fujitsu, powered by VMware, is Wacoal Corporation. The prolific Japanese retail manufacturer of women’s lingerie and underwear has outsourced their sales processing and system infrastructures with the adoption of Fujitsu’s Virtual Desktop Service and Q&A support, supplemented by FUTRO ME734 thin client terminals at their retail outlets.

Previously burdened with increasing operational costs and security-related issues due to the deterioration of their thin terminal environment, Wacoal has now made drastic improvements to their operations, maintenance, data security and overall company efficiency having onboarded V-DaaS by Fujitsu.

Wacoal were initially using Windows XP-based thin clients as terminals at stores across Japan, but faced challenges such as the increasing burden of IT repairs, operational burden and security concerns due to on-premise servers, and internal responsibility of setting up new terminals and servers for all new work systems within their retail outlets.

In selecting a replacement server system, the company put an emphasis on security, expandability, and cost. With an outlook to grow the company further, the provision to add new functions easily over time was also vital.

There were a number of deciding factors in Wacoal’s decision to onboard Fujitsu’s V-DaaS Virtual Desktop Service, including the opportunity to run servers on Fujitsu’s external data centers. This move improved operational efficiency by decreasing internal burdens, and adding a layer of data security.

Overall, the replacement of old, deteriorating terminals with the new technology and help desk support reduced operational burden on IT departments, resulting in lower operational costs and higher efficiency in business output. The use of Fujitsu’s data centers relieved internal pressures and bolstered data security in a manner unachievable with the previous infrastructure. Lastly, running servers in a virtual environment made in-store terminal set-up obsolete, and enabled scalability and expansion options for future work system expansion.

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