Three Exciting Takeaways from the Journey to Hybrid and Multi-cloud

VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension enables customers to successfully migrate to cloud

Enterprises want to migrate to private or public clouds for various reasons: DC capacity extension, DC modernization, acquisition and consolidation, hardware and software refresh, etc. Their requirement is to move to the latest SDDC or private/public cloud.

Since the initial release of Hybrid Cloud Extension, a year back, I have seen many enterprises successfully migrate to modern DCs or hybrid and multi-cloud environments. I will share three takeaways from my experience of these journeys.

Journey from Wishlist to Execution:

DC modernization, cloud migration, etc., get on to an enterprise wishlist early and often stagnate there. Enterprises are challenged by their sheer volume of workloads, their dependencies, and app availability requirements. This frequently results in analysis-paralysis, arising from unknowns of migration time, infrastructure complexity and elaborate change processes. With VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension, we have seen these complexities dissolve to allow for successful migrations.

Hybrid Cloud Extension helps enterprises execute the task of modernization and/or migration to the cloud, efficiently. The journey begins with assessments of VM behavior to create migration waves where Hybrid Cloud Extension enables large scale, live migrations. Hybrid Cloud Extension offers multiple migration types to meet various migration requirements of enterprises. Hybrid Cloud Extension helps enterprises migrate 1000s of VMs, with zero downtime.

Hybrid Cloud Extension helps enterprises bridge the gap between ‘what is required to be done’ and ‘what comes next’. With Hybrid Cloud Extension, enterprises can focus on projects that are more important to their core business success.

Hybrid Cloud Extension makes the journey to modern SDDC and Cloud easy.

Journey from Complexity to Simplicity:

The mind-blowing complexity of DCs, Apps, Storage, Compute, Cooling, Power, etc., is not easy to fathom for someone who generally walks through the cool corridors of DCs shining with pleasing blue lights. Modernizing the DC or moving to the cloud is a daunting task to execute.

Varied software and hardware versions, IP address management, network architecture. Where does one start?

VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension provides app mobility between varied vSphere and hardware versions, eliminating the need of vSphere upgrade for migration. The service also eliminates the need to re-IP for the migrations, thus simplifying the need of IP pool management. VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension extends networks across legacy DC to latest DC/Private/Public cloud. This extension is WAN optimized, multisite and bidirectional. The extension of LAN to cloud eliminates re-architecture and redesign of apps. Most importantly, Hybrid Cloud Extension hybridity, tethers cloud to on-premises, creating a hybrid cloud instantly.

As enterprises leverage Hybrid Cloud Extension, they come across many of its operational advantages, eg: software and hardware version interoperability, simple site pairing, VPN set up, all of it, orchestrated automatically. Hybrid Cloud Extension absorbs migration complexity, and makes it seamless and secure. The complexity involved to migrate to cloud are addressed by the service. Hybrid Cloud Extension makes the journey to the Hybrid and Multi Cloud, simple.

Enterprises own their cloud success:

The provider an enterprise teams up with, matters. VMware has been a successful partner of many enterprises in migrating to the cloud. With years of exposure to successful cloud migrations, I have come to conclude that the product/service that help enterprises migrate is equally important as the team that helps them migrate efficiently. Repeatedly, I have seen enterprises migrate to the modern SDDC or cloud, rapidly and successfully.

Hybrid Cloud Extension has proven itself by helping 100s of enterprises to migrate to private/public cloud. Challenging DC complexities have been addressed by focused VMware teams, helping to make a number of enterprises’ migration journeys a success. The best feedback I have heard from a customer after migrations was: ‘Our communication paradigm changed from “how much money and time is required to build new DC” to “how do we tell the end user about a couple of hours of migration.”’ That is the impact of Hybrid Cloud Extension.

Interested to learn how Hybrid Cloud Extension helps enterprises evolve to the hybrid and multi cloud, execute migrations, or want a technical deep dive or details on the service’s use cases? Make sure to attend the Hybrid Cloud Extension sessions at VMworld Barcelona:

Day Time Session ID By Session
Tuesday, Nov 6 11am HYP2861BE Allwyn Sequeira Multi Cloud Evolution: Customer Perspective
Tuesday, Nov 6 12:30pm HYP1071BE Sachin, Nimisha Art of Possible: Empowering Every vSphere Infrastructure to Become Hybrid
Tuesday, Nov 6 5pm HYP3061BE Serge Maskalik Seamless, Large Scale Workload Migrations to the IBM Cloud
Wednesday, Nov 7 11am NET2420BE Ray Budavari Rethinking Disaster Recovery with NSX Data Center and NSX Hybrid Connect
Wednesday, Nov 7 11am HYP1496BE Adam O., Adam B. A Practitioner’s Guide to Migrating Workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS
Wednesday, Nov 7 1:30pm CODE5609E Adam O. It’s Magic! Automating VMware Cloud on AWS
Wednesday, Nov 7 2pm HYP2445BE Brian G., Emad Y. From On Premises to Beyond
Thursday, Nov 8 9am HYP1224BE Debashis, Andy Cloud Migration and DC Modernization With Hybrid Cloud Extension: Use Cases And Architectures
Thursday, Nov 8 12pm PRV1463BE Ninad, Heath Building the Ultimate Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation
Thursday, Nov 8 1:30pm HYP1223BE Nimisha, Rachna Building Virtual Cloud Networks: From Edge to Cloud

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