VMware Cloud and Expedient Boost Prodigo’s Onboarding Efficiencies

Tech provider Prodigo Solutions ensures healthcare organization procurement teams find the right supplies, from the right vendor, at the right price. With over 5,400 care sites utilizing its software, Prodigo improves procurement control, data accuracy, transaction automation, and spend visibility to maximize their customers’ savings and overall profitability.

Prodigo needed to make the most of its lean IT budget and staff to become more responsive to new product development needs and an increasing number of customer onboardings. With their existing on-premises environment, requisitioning and deploying additional hardware to meet each new demand required up to two months of work, stretching the company’s working capital.

To improve their efficiency, Prodigo partnered with Expedient, a Premier VMware Cloud Provider Partner, to host its infrastructure on a VMware-based cloud.

Aided by Infrastructure as a Service through Expedient, underpinned by VMware cloud technologies, Prodigo can now onboard most new clients in less than, dramatically shortening a process that previously took 6-8 weeks.

Explore the Prodigo Solutions case study.

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