Announcing the VMware Cloud on AWS – Quick Reference Poster

We wanted to provide a quick and easy way to help customers get started with VMware Cloud on AWS. Today it is our pleasure to announce the VMware Cloud on AWS Quick Reference Poster. This poster is divided up into five sections, each with hyperlinked headings, providing additional information. The Firewall Rules section is the exception, in this each of the sub-headings are clickable instead of the main heading. The poster is also a good visual representation of the different types of connectivity within VMware Cloud on AWS.

May 2019: the poster has been updated to reflect the latest networking architecture of NSX-T.


Here is a brief breakdown of the five different sections and their content:

  1. Infrastructure Overview: A high-level diagram showing the relationships between the on-premises data center, the VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC, and native AWS services.
  2. HCX Enterprise Network: A detailed diagram covering the HCX components, connectivity, flows, and ports utilized between the on-premises data center and VMware Cloud on AWS.
  3. Direct Connect Topology: This section shows the components and overall topology of utilizing AWS Direct Connect (DX) for connectivity between the on-premises data center and VMware Cloud on AWS.
  4. NSX-T AWS Connected VPC: This diagram presents an overview of how communication occurs between the VMware Cloud on AWS VPC and a customer’s VPC if they are utilizing AWS native services.
  5. Firewall Rules: The final section includes a list of the common firewall rules used between the on-premises data center and VMware Cloud on AWS for the Management Gateway, HCX, and Site Recovery.

VMware Cloud on AWS Quick Reference Poster, full size at 51” x 30”

This quick reference poster, along with many others can also be found here. If you have any questions or want to pass along feedback we can be reached on twitter via @emad_younis and @vMegie.

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Staff Technical Marketing Architect at VMware

Emad Younis is a Staff Technical Marketing Architect and VCIX 6.5-DCV working in the Cloud Platform Business Unit, part of the R&D organization at VMware. He currently focuses on the vCenter Server Appliance, vCenter Server Migrations, and VMware Cloud on AWS. His responsibilities include generating content, evangelism, collecting product feedback, and presenting at events. Emad can be found blogging on or on Twitter via @emad_younis.

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Jeremiah Megie is a Senior Technical Marketing Architect working for VMware. He is responsible for providing education, evangelism, and generating content for VMware Cloud on AWS. Prior to joining VMware, Jeremiah was a Senior Solutions Architect specializing in the design and implementation of vSphere, converged & hyper-converged infrastructure, and disaster recovery with VMware Site Recovery Manager. He has more than 20 years of experience in the IT field where he has held many data center and virtualization based roles ranging from administration and engineering to architecture and leadership; with a background spanning multiple industries including DoD, financial, energy, professional services, and managed services. Jeremiah currently holds numerous certifications including multiple VCPs, VCAPs, and VCIX as well as the VMware vExpert designation. He can be found on Twitter at @vMegie.

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