Did you miss live sessions at #CFD5? Watch the recorded videos on VMware Cloud on AWS from Cloud Field Day 5

Cloud Field Day focuses on the impact of cloud on enterprise IT. It brings together the best independent thought leaders in enterprise cloud to discuss pressing issues and technology advancements in the cloud space. It is an independent IT influencers event where vendors have deep-dive technical discussions about their products, features and capabilities, with industry leading bloggers, influencers and speakers.

VMware and Gestalt IT organized Cloud Field Day 5 for VMware Cloud on AWS on April 12, 2019. It was an immersive experience for the audience with 8 deep-dive technical sessions on various topics ranging from compute, networking, storage, cloud migration deep dives to AWS services integration. The sessions were combined with the demos to give audience experience of using the service.


Did you miss live sessions at CFD5? Watch the recorded videos on VMware Cloud on AWS from Cloud Field Day 5:

Here are the eight sessions from Cloud Field Day 5 just for you:


Session 1: VMware Cloud on AWS – Overview and Strategy

Summary: Overview and understanding of VMware Cloud on AWS at a high-level, including regions and GovCloud – with a peek into the roadmap.

Details: High-level overview. Delivery thus far and roadmap.


Session 2: VMware Cloud on AWS Technical Walk through – Core compute

Summary: In this session about VMware Cloud on AWS, we cover the different compute instance types and dive into the cluster configurations including availability, resources, and elasticity. Finally, we’ll touch on maintenance and support.


  • I3 and R5 Overview
  • SDDC Maximums
  • Single Cluster vs Stretched Cluster (high level)
  • vSphere Cluster Availability and DRS
  • Elastic DRS
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Skipping vSAN as Glenn will cover it next.


Session 3: VMware Cloud on AWS Technical Walk through – Storage

Summary: In this session about VMware Cloud on AWS, you will discover the rich portfolio of storage capabilities available inside the service. You will leave with a full understanding of the storage architecture, including a detailed description of how the service utilizes vSAN, as well as a review of the operational controls. Before finishing up, we will look at the performance and workload suitability.


  • I3 and R5 Storage
  • vSAN Config
  • SPBM
  • Usage capacity
  • Performance
  • i3 vs R5


Session 4: DEMO – VMware Cloud on AWS Disaster Recovery as a Service with VMware Site Recovery

Summary: In this demo heavy session on VMware Cloud on AWS, we explore VMware Site Recovery. Built on the proven Site Recovery Manager, the VMware Site Recovery Add-On enables any VMware Cloud on AWS customer to go from zero to DR in about an hour


  • Intro to VMware Site Recovery
  • Site Failure recover in VMC
  • Scale up SDDC
  • Site recovered – Reverse replication
  • Test failback
  • planned migration back on-premises
  • reverse replication
  • Scale down


Session 5: VMware Cloud on AWS Technical Walk through – NSX Networking and Security

Summary: In this session about VMware Cloud on AWS, we will cover overview of VMware NSX networking and security in the service, and connectivity options to on-premises SDDCs (Ex: Direct Connect, IPSEC VPN, L2VPN, AWS Transit Gateway). We will also have a demo that will cover the discussion points.


  • Direct Connect
  • Route Based IPSEC VPN
  • Transit Gateway
  • Edge Firewall
  • Distributed Firewall
  • Demo


Session 6: VMware Cloud on AWS Hybrid Connectivity and Workload Mobility

Summary: In this session about VMware Cloud on AWS, we’ll discuss extending your on-premises data center to the cloud using Hybrid Linked Mode with vCenter Cloud Gateway appliance. We’ll talk about the different migration options available for your workloads and how to get other data such as ISOs and OVFs out to the cloud for new deployments.


  • Hybrid Linked Mode
  • Cloud Gateway
  • Content Library
  • Elastic DRS
  • Stretched Clusters
  • Compute policies
  • Connectivity Options
  • Demo


Session 7: VMware HCX with Sachin Thakkar, Director

Summary: In this session about VMware Cloud on AWS, we will provide an overview of VMware HCX with a demo showcasing bulk migration using HCX vMotion with vSphere Replication.


  • HCX Overview
  • Migration scenarios
  • vSphere with vMotion Replication
  • Live vMotion
  • Demo


Session 8: Combining VMware Cloud on AWS with AWS native services – Unlocking possibilities

Summary: With VMware Cloud on AWS, built-in integration with native AWS services enables customers to take advantage of a hybrid cloud architecture. Come learn how you can use native AWS services with your VMware Cloud on AWS environments. We will cover how you can use services and features such as Amazon S3, ALB and AWS Private Link to integrate with your VMware Cloud on AWS environments


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