VMware Cloud at Dell Technologies World 2019

Join us for an action-packed four days of business innovation at Dell Technologies World 2019 in Las Vegas, April 29 – May 2, 2019. Learn how to simplify processes, innovate faster and create value that will change the game for your business and career.

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VMware Cloud is hosting a range of events including:

  • Keynote sessions from CEO, Pat Gelsinger
  • Cloud City, our interactive hybrid-cloud experience
  • Daily prize draws

Find us at booth 518!

Cloud City Exhibit times:

  • Monday, April 29: 6pm – 9pm
  • Tuesday, April 30: 11.30am-5.30pm
  • Wednesday, May 1: 11.30am-5.30pm

Mainstage overview:

The Architects of innovation, with VMware Cloud CEO, Pat Gelsinger Mon: 4/29: 10.00 AM – 11.15AM
Innovation to Unlock Your Digital Future, with VMware Cloud CEO, Pat Gelsinger Tue: 4/30: 10.00 AM – 11.15AM


Breakout session:

VMware Cloud on AWS: Technical Overview  Tue: 4/30: 8.30 AM – 9.30AM
Wed: 5/1: 1:30 PM – 2.30PM


Theatre sessions:

Dell + VMware Cloud on AWS: Better Together Mon: 4/29: 7.45 PM
VMware Cloud on AWS: Overview Tue: 4/30: 2.55 PM
Running Business Critical workloads on VMC on AWS Wed: 5/1: 1.35 PM


Cloud City Booth sessions:

Cloud Migration with VMware Cloud on AWS Tue: 4/30: 4.15 PM


IT Leadership sessions:

How Hyperconverged Infrastructure Transforms IT & IT Organizations Mon: 4/29: 12.00PM – 1.00PM
The New Frontier: A Unified Workspace That Gives IT Time Back Tues: 4/30: 8.30AM – 9.30AM
Applying A Cloud Operating Model To Your Hybrid Cloud Mission Critical App Deployments Mon: 4/29: 12.00PM – 1.00PM
Empower The Future Of Modern Applications With Data Center as-a-Service Wed: 5/1: 8.30AM – 9.30AM
Kubernetes: Addressing The Real World Challenges Tues: 4/30: 1.30PM – 2.30PM
Data Management & Protection In A Multi-Cloud World Mon: 4/29: 4.30PM – 5.30PM
Unlock Innovation With A Multi-Cloud Strategy Mon: 4/29: 1.30PM – 2.30PM
Financial Justification Of The Move To Multi-Cloud Mon: 4/29: 8.30AM – 9.30AM
A Peek Into Dell IT’s Multi-Cloud Strategy For The Digital Age Mon: 4/29: 8.30AM – 9.30AM
The Whole Shebang: Accelerating Development With The Dell Technology Stack Tues: 4/30: 8.30AM – 9.30AM


VMware-led Tech sessions:

VMware Cloud on AWS Tues: 4/30: 8.30AM – 9.30AM
Wed: 5/1: 1.30PM – 2.30PM
VMware Cloud Foundation On VxRail Mon: 4/29: 3.00PM – 4.00PM
Tues: 4/30: 12.00PM – 1.00PM
VMware NSX Architecture & Use Cases: On-Prem To Cloud, Containers & Security In Hybrid Environment Mon: 4/29: 1.30PM – 2.30PM
Tues: 4/30: 3.00PM – 4.00PM
vSAN Demo: Common Management & Monitoring Tasks Tues: 4/30: 1.30PM – 2.30PM
Thurs: 5/2: 10.00AM – 11.00AM
Understanding SD-WAN By VeloCloud Without A PhD In Networking Mon: 4/29: 4.30PM – 5.30PM
Tues: 4/30: 1.30PM – 2.30PM
Build A Killer Application With Project Dimension Mon: 4/29: 4.30PM – 5.30PM
Tues: 4/30: 1.30PM – 2.30PM
Unlock Innovation With A Multi-Cloud Strategy Mon: 4/29: 1.30PM – 2.30PM
Project Dimension Technical Deep Dive: Explained By Product Experts Mon: 4/29: 3.00PM – 4.00PM
Wed: 5/1: 3.00PM – 4.00PM
Project Dimension: Use Cases At Key Industries Mon: 4/29: 12.00PM – 1.00PM
Wed: 5/1: 12.00PM – 1.00PM
Extend Your Hybrid Cloud Model To Your Data Center Tues: 4/30: 8.30AM – 9.30AM
Thurs: 5/2: 10.00AM – 11.00AM
Modern Management on Your Terms Mon: 4/29: 1.30PM – 2.30PM
Thurs: 5/2: 8.30AM – 9.30AM


VMware-related Tech sessions:

Siemens To Failproof DR With Cloudshit & Dell TBD
Managing Dell EMC’s Kinetic Infrastructure With OpenManage TBD
Next Generation Dell EMC Data Protection Software: Architectural Deep Dive, Best Practices, Tips & Tricks For Successful Deployments Wed: 5/1: 8.30AM – 9.30AM
Thurs: 5/2: 8.30AM – 9.30AM
Dell EMC Unity: Virtualization & Application Integration Mon: 4/29: 3.00PM – 4.00PM
Thurs: 5/2: 8.30AM – 9.30AM
Nextgen Workplace Technology As A Pivot To Employee Engagement & Delight Wed 5/1: 1.30PM – 2.30PM
Adopt & Scale Dell EMC Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures With Unisys CloudForte Mon: 4/29: 3.00PM – 4.00PM
Dell EMC XtremIO X2: Mixed Virtualized Workload Best Practices Mon: 4/29: 12.00PM – 1.00PM
Thurs: 5/2: 11.30AM – 12.30AM
VxBlock 1000: Automation For Converged Infrastructure Management Mon: 4/29: 1.30PM – 2.30PM
Tues: 4/30: 1.30PM – 2.30PM
Making Hybrid Cloud Real With Dell Technologies Mon: 4/29: 12.00PM – 1.00PM
Wed: 5/1: 12.00PM – 1.00PM
Cloud Without The Chaos: Hybrid Cloud Done Right Tues: 4/30: 1.30PM – 2.30PM
Wed: 5/1: 1.30PM – 2.30PM
Dell IT: Realizing Our Vision Of A Frictionless Multi-Cloud Architecture Tues: 4/30: 1.30PM – 2.30PM
Thurs: 5/2: 8.30AM – 9.30AM
It’s Never Too Late To Protect Critical Data: Until It Is Wed: 5/1: 8.30AM – 9.30AM
VMware Cloud Management: Simplify & Automate Your Organization’s Data Protection With Dell EMC Mon: 4/29: 1.30PM – 2.30PM
Thurs: 5/2: 11.30AM – 12.30PM
Dell IT: The Latest Step On Our Software-Defined Journey: SD-WAN By VMware VeloCloud TBD
Dell EMC Cloud Storage Service For Multi-Cloud Volumes, Disaster Recovery & More Mon: 4/29: 1.30PM – 2.30PM
VxRail: A Technical Deep Dive Into Accelerated Path To VMware Hybrid Cloud TBD
Best Practices Of VMware vRealize Network Monitoring Via Streaming Telemetry On Dell EMC Networking OS10EE TBD
x86 Servers. Hyper-Converged vSAN Ready Nodes: Bridging The “Gap” In Manageability Is Easier Than You Think With Dell EMC PowerEdge & VMware. TBD
Everything You Need To Know About Modern Data Protection For VMware TBD
Dell EMC XtremIO X2: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) – Architecture, Sizing & Best Practices For VMware Horizon 7 TBD


VMware-led or Joint Emerging Track sessions:

VMware & Dell At The Edge (compute): VMware’s IoT Offering Mon: 4/29: 1.30PM – 2.30PM
Accelerate Telco Cloud Deployments: Learn how from Dell EMC, VMware and Ericsson Mon: 4/29: 1.30PM – 2.30PM


VMware-led HOLs:

VMware Cloud On AWS: Getting Started (Hands-on Lab) TBD
Dell EMC Unity: VMware vSphere Integration (Hands-on Lab) TBD
VMware Horizon 7 Enterprise: Getting Started (Hands-on Lab) TBD
What’s New In VMware vSphere 6.7 (Hands-on Lab) TBD
VMware NSX SD-WAN By VeloCloud: Getting Started (Hands-on Lab) TBD
Virtualization 101: Introduction To VMware vSphere (Hands-on Lab) TBD
Workspace ONE UEM: Windows 10 Management (Hands-on Lab) TBD
VMware NSX Data Center For vSphere: Getting Started (Hands-on Lab) TBD
VMware VSAN V6.7: Getting Started (Hands-on Lab) TBD
VMware Pivotal Container Service and Kubernetes – Getting Started TBD
VMware Pulse IoT Center & LIOTA TBD


VMware-Related Labs:

  • Dell EMC SmartFabric Services & VxRail (Hands-on Lab)
  • SC Series: Live Volume Auto Failover For VMware & The vSphere Web Client Plug-in (HOL)
  • VxRail 4.7 – Simplifying IT Through Standardization & Automation (Hands-on Lab)
  • Next Generation Dell EMC Data Protection Software (Hands-on Lab)
  • CloudIQ: Cloud-Based Analytics & Machine Learning Application For Dell EMC Storage (HOL)
  • OpenManage Portfolio & Systems Management Featuring MX Series (Hands-on Lab)

So, what are you waiting for?

Register now and attend our sessions to learn more about VMware Cloud. Don’t forget to meet us at the ‘VMware Cloud City’ booth at the expo to check out some cool demos and have your questions answered by the experts.

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