VMware Cloud Trust Center: Security, Privacy, Compliance and Resiliency in the Cloud

Protecting against risk, and staying secure and compliant, is a top priority for any enterprise operating in the cloud. That’s why we created the VMware Cloud Trust Center, giving you the resources you need to leverage the benefits of the cloud with confidence. Find out more in this introductory article.

VMware Cloud gives you the simplest and fastest means to migrate to the cloud, scale globally, develop modern apps and manage all your environments without complexity. But when leveraging the cloud, you need assurance and trust that your applications are protected at all times.

To allow you to operate at the speed-of-cloud with full confidence, we’ve established the VMware Cloud Trust Center, a transparent hub for data governance and security.

Visit VMware Cloud Trust Center to access up-to-date information on how VMware integrates security, privacy, compliance and resiliency into every one of our solutions to minimize your risk in the cloud.



View our commitment to keeping your data safe at rest and in transit for your cloud, hybrid, and on-premises deployments. Also, view comprehensive information on VMware Cloud’s security capabilities, from identity and access management to networking and software protection.

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Our Privacy page outlines our policies that let you decide how your data is accessed and used, to help you maintain control of your data at all times.

Explore how we collect, use and transfer personal data in connection with the operation of our business, and understand how we process data as a service provider to enable you to comply with your data protection and compliance obligations

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Find out how VMware works with you to maintain compliance. View our comprehensive and continuously updated list of compliance standards and regulatory requirements. Understand more about VMware’s shared responsibility approach to achieving or meeting such requirements.

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Check the real-time status and performance of your VMware Cloud solutions, plus discover all the regional locations VMware Cloud solutions are currently hosted.

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Visit the VMware Cloud Trust Center and gain the confidence to move at the speed of the cloud today.


About the Authors

Alex Tosheff

Vice President and Chief Security Officer at VMware

Alex joined VMware in July 2014 as part of the senior leadership team as Vice President and Chief Security Officer. Alex currently serves as the Chief Security Officer and leads the team responsible for VMware’s critical information security, physical security and enterprise resiliency across the global organization.

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