vRealize Automation Cloud August Launch

I am thrilled to announce that a significant number of new capabilities were added to our solution this month!

But before I dive into the new features, we are simplifying our naming model and rebranding “Cloud Automation Services” to “vRealize Automation Cloud”. We are not rebranding the product components and will remain as-is: Cloud Assembly, Service Broker, Code Stream.

Now, as part of our mission to simplify our customers’ experience across clouds, we made some critical improvements in our network automation, governance and platform integration engine:

  1. AWS Asia Pacific (Tokyo): vRealize Automation Cloud is now available in AWS Asia Pacific (Tokyo).
  2. IPAM – Infoblox Integration: Implement external IPAM configuration with Infoblox out-of-the-box. Read more!
  3. Action-Based Extensibility (ABX) Support for On-Prem: Leverage Action Based Extensibility (ABX) serverless capabilities on-premises. With ABX you can tie actions to lifecycle events, create inputs in blueprints and define package dependencies and requirements. You can also version, create workflows and establish failure actions across clouds. Python 3 and NodeJS languages are currently supported. Read more!
  4. Active Directory Integration: Specify where you want a virtual machine object placed in your Active Directory structure using our out-of-the-box integration. Read more!
  5. Network Automation Enhancements: Utilize our deeper network management capabilities with post-deployment load balancers and network reconfiguring and tagging of Virtual Machine NICs from our blueprinting canvas.
  6. IP Mode Configuration: Define your preferred IP mode between DHCP, Static or Mixed for private, outbound and routed networks. Read more
  7. Access Control for Day 2 Actions: Constraint who can access and edit Day 2 actions for existing deployments through the Service Broker policy engine. Read more!
  8. Cyber Essentials Certificate (UK): Cyber Essentials aims to help organizations implement basic levels of protection against cyber-attack, demonstrating to their customers that they take cyber security seriously.

Visit our webpage to explore a complete feature list. Also, you can easily get a hands-on experience and evaluate vRealize Automation Cloud by signing up for a 30-day free trial from our websites: https://cloud.vmware.com/cloud-automation-services#get-started

Stay tuned as we will be adding new exciting features every month!

About the Authors

Alina Thylander

Product Line Marketing Manager, vRealize Automation Cloud at VMware

Alina Thylander is a Product Line Marketing Manager in VMware’s Cloud Management Business Unit. In this role, Alina drives messaging and positioning for vRealize Automation. She has held various sales enablement, business intelligence and marketing positions in Silicon Valley for the past decade, including most recently at Dell EMC and Ericsson. With a master’s degree in Technology Management, Alina enjoys making complex technology understandable to everyone.

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