Next Generation Developer Experience: New API Documentation

Taking your automation to the next level? We’re here to support you with a next-generation experience that will change how you discover APIs and explore their capabilities.


Building the Next-Generation Developer Experience: New API Documentation

At VMware, we’re always rethinking developer experience and automation, and building new tools and services to enable developers to automate and integrate fast with VMware products. 

In our journey to build the next-generation experience, we’re excited to share the first stage of our plan, starting with a new API reference portal launch and enhanced API documentation for products such as vSphere, VMware Cloud on AWS and NSX-T Policy. This launch features a new, enhanced experience for API discovery and documentation. 

Key features include: 

  • A new API reference homepage
  • Getting started documentation for APIs (e.g. vSphere, NSX-T and VMC on AWS)
  • Updated API documentation 

Our redesigned API references page

To help you find the relevant APIs with ease, we’ve redesigned the API reference homepage. The Featured API References section will help you navigate to the most useful APIs quickly. 

Your guide to getting started

New to the APIs for VMware Cloud on AWS, vSphere or NSX-T? The portal has a new Getting Started section designed to get you going in just five minutes. 

New-look API documentation

Improving the API documentation has been our central focus for this release. That’s why we’ve redesigned the documentation, keeping our users at the core. Every element is built to improve the learning experience and make API consumption easy. If you’re ready to get deeper into an API, we provide all the information you need to use it, alongside the related API information. For example: 

  • A description of all API elements including path parameters
  • Related APIs  
  • Samples for request/response 

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