Be a Cloud Hero by Migrating, Integrating, Automating and Modernizing with Proven IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

Every organization is on a cloud journey, and every journey needs a hero to guide the way. Discover how IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions empowers you to take bold steps to cloud – whether you’re lifting and shifting business-critical applications and workloads, building new services or unlocking cloud.


Today, organizations are taking a measured approach towards digital transformation, shaping their own journeys in order to move forward pragmatically and with certainty.

Yet while every journey is different, one thing is clear: organizations are on a resounding march to cloud. Across industries, we’re seeing increased interest in hybrid cloud interoperability, data governance, regulatory compliance and more. Most enterprises have captured less than 20% of potential cloud value, and the remaining 80% is unlocked by embracing a hybrid platform approach, which represents a significant opportunity for businesses looking to innovate.

Organizations will require agile, functionally rich, secure and resilient IT resources and services for this journey to the cloud to become a success – resources and expertise they can find in a leading cloud platform like IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions.

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions can help organizations successfully lift-shift and transform their business-critical applications to the cloud with ease. This is achieved by integrating with a rich catalog of AI/ML, application and data services available on IBM Cloud – unlocking previously untapped business value from their applications and potential from the cloud.

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions features VMware infrastructure and an operational model consistent with existing on-premises customer environments to enable seamless mobility of workloads to cloud. AI/ML is infused across its IT processes to maximize application security, uptime and availability, as well as optimize business processes like cloud migration.


IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions capabilities

To fast-track innovation, streamline operations and build agility, you need to modernize your organization’s IT infrastructure. IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions can help you achieve this goal via its various capabilities:


  • A global network of data centers with high-speed, low-latency interconnectivity
  • Certifications to host business critical applications (like SAP)
  • Maximum uptime and availability without needing modifications to applications

Hybrid and developer-ready

  • A VMware infrastructure and operational model consistent with existing on-premises customer environments to enable seamless mobility of workloads to cloud
  • Red Hat OpenShift on VMware SDDC to host existing or build new applications and services
  • Rich catalog of application and data services to enable developers to rapidly transform existing and build new applications and services
  • VMware NSX-based unified security policy management across application tiers and microservices on VMs, Red Hat OpenShift or a combination of both on VMware SDDC

Secure to the core


  • Rich catalog of AI/ML services to enrich and power your applications
  • IT operational processes infused with AI/ML to maximize applications and systems uptime, availability and security 
  • Business processes like cloud migration powered by AI


Journey to the cloud

Let’s now explore your journey to the cloud, so you can better achieve your organization’s objectives for what lies ahead. Here’s what any forward-thinking organization can achieve with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions:

Lift and shift VM-based applications to cloud

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions can help lift and shift VM-based applications rapidly and seamlessly. DevOps teams can easily provision new instances of VMware SDDC on IBM Cloud, and then migrate over VM-based applications using VMware HCX.

View a ‘Lift and Shift’ in action

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Migrate cloud-native applications to cloud

Migrating existing on-premises cloud native applications to cloud has never been easier. You can move the applications’ OCI images, deployment YMLs/Helm Charts and other assets to registries and repositories on IBM Cloud. You can rapidly provision Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions and deploy the applications there. VMware vSphere and vSAN can seamlessly manage storage for the applications.

Witness seamless migration of cloud-native applications to cloud

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Integrating with security frameworks on cloud

Once you have moved applications to cloud, integrate them into ‘zero trust’ security frameworks. VMware NSX on IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions can provide unified security policy management across application tiers and microservices on VMs, Red Hat OpenShift or a combination of both on VMware SDDC.

See how apps can integrate into ‘zero trust’ security frameworks

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Uptaking business critical capabilities of cloud

Confidently migrate and run business critical workloads without modification, thanks to the 99.99% availability of a tried-and-tested reference architecture. 

IBM Cloud for VMware Mission Critical Workloads ensures maximum application uptime in the face of host or network outages.

See how you can ensure maximum uptime without application modifications

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For whatever’s ahead: IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

As more enterprises migrate business-critical workloads to the cloud, VMware is here to support and enable these journeys. We partner with leaders such as IBM Cloud to extend our multi-cloud strategy. 

As one of VMware’s leading cloud partners, IBM has designed, deployed and managed VMware infrastructure for decades and at global scale – from simple set-ups to the most complex, highly regulated enterprise environments.

With over 100 hardware/software configuration combinations, a wide range of single-tenant and multi-tenant offerings, and a rich suite of accompanying IBM Services, IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions can be customized to fit your organization’s unique needs.

To become a cloud hero in your organization, explore this proven solution today and see how it can help you get to where you want to be, faster.


About the Authors

Rahul Srivastava

Director, VMware – IBM Joint Innovation Lab

Rahul leads the VMware-IBM Joint Innovation Lab, chartered to incept and incubate differentiated revenue-driving joint VMware IBM offerings. Rahul has 20+ years’ experience designing and implementing Enterprise System Software and Mission Critical Applications. Currently focused on Digital Transformation - building next-generation Cloud Native Apps and modernizing legacy Java Middleware apps. Deep expertise in PaaS solutions like Cloud Foundry & Kubernetes and CI/CD best practices & solutions. Formerly, one of the lead engineers of Oracle WebLogic Server, the market leading Java Application Server.

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