VMware Cloud on AWS – Delivering intrinsic availability and resiliency – Download Whitepaper now!

VMware Cloud on AWS brings VMware’s enterprise class Software-Defined Data Center software to the AWS Cloud and enables customers to run production applications across vSphere®-based hybrid cloud environments, with optimized access to AWS services and robust disaster protection. This on-demand service enables IT teams to seamlessly extend, migrate and manage their cloud-based resources with familiar VMware tools. Working with AWS, VMware’s preferred public cloud partner for vSphere-based workloads, VMware continues to innovate on VMware Cloud on AWS, delivering capabilities at a fast clip, be it at the infrastructure level or with respect to the workloads that run on it.

A common consideration that cuts across both the infrastructure and the workloads is how availability and resiliency are delivered. One of the key differentiators of VMware Cloud on AWS is that availability and resiliency are designed into the service and the underlying AWS infrastructure. VMware and AWS have developed a highly available service that makes VMware Cloud on AWS the easiest and fastest path to the cloud to migrate specific applications, move entire data centers, extend into the cloud, or protect it for business continuity and resiliency. In fact, according to a recent study done by IDC, VMware Cloud on AWS customers that were interviewed experienced an 83% reduction in unplanned downtime[1].

There are a number of key capabilities that make this happen – starting from the AWS data center architecture to the auto-remediation of failures, policy-driven infrastructure management and core VMware availability features such as vSphere HA that our customers love and use on-premises and more!

To bring it all in perspective, VMware and AWS have jointly developed an availability whitepaper that you can now download here

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[1] IDC White Paper, sponsored by VMWare, The Business Value of Running Applications on VMware Cloud on AWS in VMware Hybrid Cloud Environments,  doc #US46919520, October 2020



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Sai Gopalan

Product Line Marketing Manager at VMware

Sai Gopalan is a Product Line Marketing Manager in the Cloud Platform Product Marketing team, focused on VMware Cloud on AWS. Sai is an enthusiastic marketer who has driven several product launches at VMware, working through the facets of technology product marketing - messaging, positioning, pricing, sales enablement, go-to-market strategy and execution. Most recently, he led the partnership and release launches of VMware Cloud on AWS. He completed his MBA from University of Michigan in 2013 with High Distinction and prior to that spent 6 years in consulting with McKinsey and Accenture in Singapore. He also holds a degree in Computer Engineering from NTU, Singapore

Dan Florea

Product Line Manager at VMware

Dan Florea is a Product Line Manager at VMware, focused on the VMware Cloud on AWS product. Dan has a deep technical background, spanning across virtualization, networking, and storage. Among other product areas, he is responsible for the Stretched Clusters and Elastic DRS features and is passionate about helping customers have the best possible experience on VMware Cloud on AWS.

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