Introducing the VMware Cloud Ready Framework

As organizations embark on their multi-cloud journey, making sure they are cloud-ready is a critical ingredient for success. Kit Colbert said it best in his recent blog post looking at whether multi-cloud is a strategy or an inevitable outcome. In either case, having a multi-cloud plan is a must!

As part of this cloud readiness, public cloud vendors have traditionally provided guidance in the form of an architectural framework. These frameworks primarily focus on the cloud provider’s specific deployment, best practices, and native cloud services. As more and more customers decide on a cloud strategy that meets their business objectives, a need has emerged to offer prescriptive guidance and best practices supporting multi-cloud deployments.

Building on top of VMware Cloud, which is a modern multi-cloud platform that provides unified infrastructure, management, and operations to help customers build and deploy modern applications, from the data center to public cloud and edge environments. VMware is best positioned to deliver this comprehensive guidance, in partnership with the various public cloud providers to support customers throughout their multi-cloud journey.

Today we are excited to introduce the VMware Cloud Ready Framework (VMCRF) with the release of this initial whitepaper which establishes the core foundation and the general direction of this new framework.

The VMware Cloud Ready Framework will introduce the following VMware pillars: Plan, Build, Secure, Modernize and Operate. These pillars are the building blocks that will provide customers with technical guidance and a consistent approach to meet their organization’s business objectives and digital transformation initiatives.

The key objective for the VMware Cloud Ready Framework is to help customers accelerate their efforts towards infrastructure and application modernization. This whitepaper will expand in the future and include resources such as:

  • Centralized repository for all multi-cloud technical and educational collateral
  • Best practices and architectural guidance for multi-cloud environments
  • New digital self-service workflows for customers and partners

As VMware continues to expand and build upon the VMware Cloud Ready Framework, feedback and collaboration from our customers, partners and broader eco-system will help guide and influence the direction of this framework. If you are interested in providing feedback or participating as a design partner, please reach out by emailing


About the Authors

Emad Younis

Staff Cloud Solutions Architect at VMware

Emad Younis is a Staff Cloud Solutions Architect in the Cloud Services Business Unit (CSBU) at VMware. He leads VMware’s Multi-Cloud Center of Excellence, focusing on solving customer problems related to cloud architecture, connectivity, workload mobility, and native services across all VMware-based clouds. His responsibilities include generating technical content, evangelism, and working with VMware’s hyperscaler partners to drive VMware Cloud adoption.

William Lam

Senior Staff Solution Architect at VMware

William is a Senior Staff Solution Architect working in the VMware Cloud team within the Cloud Services Business Unit (CSBU) at VMware. He focuses on Automation, Integration and Operation for the VMware Cloud Software Defined Datacenters (SDDC). One of his primary responsibility is driving VMware Cloud’s Customer[0] initiative and helping provide early feedback on the usability, design and architecture of new VMware Cloud features and capabilities.

John Marrone

Senior Manager at VMware

John is a Senior Manager in VMware’s Cloud Services organization, leading Multi-Cloud Architecture worldwide. He is focused on working with customers and partners to build their Cloud strategy and design their Multi-Cloud environment(s). A core component of his role is leveraging the VMware Cloud portfolio’s breadth in conjunction with native cloud services to help customers accelerate their migration and modernization initiatives.

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