[Customer Corner] Successful Cloud Migration Sets the Table at Bob Evans Farms

It’s a common refrain that we hear from IT leaders: Do I update my current infrastructure to suit my apps, or do I migrate my apps to the cloud?

When Bob Evans Farms faced a technology refresh in 2015, they found themselves facing this all-too-familiar existential crisis. A refresh would have meant high costs to their existing IT infrastructure, not to mention a continuation of their existing technical debt. Alternatively, was there a way to move their workloads to a cloud – leveraging the vm infrastructure they already had, so that they wouldn’t have to refactor any apps?

Enter Expedient, an award-winning cloud solution partner delivering managed services like disaster recovery, security and compliance. Recently named a VMware Cloud Partner of the Year, Expedient offered Bob Evans Farms a quality service that could be provided using their existing Vmware-built infra and apps – no refactoring required.

The net result? Bob Evans migrated nearly 200 critical workloads in under 48 hours to exit two data centers, move to the cloud and realize improved application performance – all leveraging their existing skill sets and without any app refactoring.

It’s an incredible story, and I encourage you to hear the detail from Bob Evans’ CIO himself, Mike Sullivan. Check out this 15min video to hear the dynamic discussion between Mike and VMware Multi-Cloud Solutions leader Vittorio Viarengo. And you can follow your curiosity further by learning more about Expedient, as well as VMware’s Cloud solutions.


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