Cloud Technologist Show – E1 – The Pilot

Hey Everyone,

Today I’m proud to share with you the pilot episode of the Cloud Technologist Show!

Often as a technologist group, the three of us (Myself, Mandy Storbakken and Martijn Baecke) set up a zoom call and catch up. We usually end up discussing current trends in the industry and how we’re approaching different topics with our customers. Since we’re spread across different geographic areas and have different backgrounds and interests, I’m always inspired to hear what the others are doing and thought it would be great to share some of that with a larger audience (YOU!).

For this first show, we all sat down and had a chat about what it means to be a technologist. We talked about how our careers have led us up to this point and share the current trends and technologies our customers are most focused on this year.

Check us out on YouTube video below, or If you’d just like the audio for the road, use the Podcast links below!.


Hope you enjoy and there is more to come!

About the Authors

Tobias Lilley

Cloud Technologist at VMware

As a Technologist in the Cloud Management Business Unit at VMware, Tobias provides subject matter expertise in Multi-Cloud Operations and Automation. With a broad experience in Software Development, Cloud Architecture, Automation, DevOps, Cloud Native and Cloud Economics, Tobias works with VMware’s clients to inspire multi-cloud transformations. Tobias shares field experiences and insight through the creation of content such as blogs, podcasts and similar pieces. Linkedin: @TobiasLilley Twitter: @TobiasLilley

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