Cloud Technologist Show – Episode 3 – DevOps!

Hi Everyone,

We’re really on a roll now! I’m pleased to share with you episode three of the Cloud Technologist Show. This time we’re talking all about DevOps. If you ever wanted a “concise” definition of what DevOps is, all three of us give it a go here (warning: concise means different things to each of us!). We also talk about the history of DevOps, the value for the business, tool chains, shifting left and more. Enjoy! 

As our resident DevOps specialist, Mandy has a whole host of blogs to check out in combination with this episode, including:

About the Authors

Tobias Lilley

Cloud Technologist at VMware

As a Technologist in the Cloud Management Business Unit at VMware, Tobias provides subject matter expertise in Multi-Cloud Operations and Automation. With a broad experience in Software Development, Cloud Architecture, Automation, DevOps, Cloud Native and Cloud Economics, Tobias works with VMware’s clients to inspire multi-cloud transformations. Tobias shares field experiences and insight through the creation of content such as blogs, podcasts and similar pieces. Linkedin: @TobiasLilley Twitter: @TobiasLilley

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