Cloud Migration

May 24, 2018

Networld Conquer Data Recovery with NIFTY Cloud’s DR Service

IT distributor Networld provides both focused products and advanced technicians to its customers, in addition to proposals and deployment support. Therefore, for Networld, disaster recovery (DR) is crucial. After installing NIFTY Cloud’s DR service with VMware vCloud® Air™ Technology, Networld uncovered a solution that was as seamless to configure as…

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May 1, 2018

Business Continuity Planning Basics with VMware Cloud on AWS

Vmware Cloud on AWS is a scalable, managed cloud solution based on VMware’s SDDC stack, running on AWS hardware that provides a flexible, self-repairing availability model. However, as with all business systems, it’s important to understand the potential failure scenarios of the platform and identify the corresponding risks to business…

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