CloudSimple Inc

CloudSimple provides native VMware Private Clouds as-a-Service from the Azure Public Cloud.

CloudSimple enables enterprise customers to stop managing their own data centers and move their traditional workloads into public clouds, such as Azure. While new applications are designed to be cloud-native and are suitable for public clouds – with application-layer redundancy, use of software-defined infrastructure and usage of PaaS – most existing on-premise applications are not suitable for migration to the public clouds. A vast majority of such on-premise applications run on VMware-based private clouds. By offering native VMware stack as-a-service, CloudSimple is able to move and host such traditional workloads in the public cloud data centers non-disruptively.

Additionally, CloudSimple service ensures operational consistency for enterprise IT whereby the existing set of standardized tools and workflows for monitoring, networking models, data protection, support, troubleshooting, and compliance for such private clouds continue to work as-is in the public cloud. Besides helping move such workloads and corresponding tooling and processes to the public cloud with operational consistency, CloudSimple service brings all the benefits of an on-demand, scalable, elastic infrastructure that is not only compatible, but also provides them security, compliance conformance and policy-based control that they expect for these traditional applications on-premises. CloudSimple manages such private clouds with its engineered software platform, bringing extreme efficiencies and TCO disruption to such traditional workloads. Lastly, CloudSimple service brings the benefits of continued infrastructure innovations in Storage, Networking and Compute as well as the economies of scale of the Public Cloud.

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  • Cloud Consulting Services
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Desktop as a Service
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Hosted Private Cloud
  • Infrastructure as a Service (Dedicated)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (PayGo)
  • Managed Backup
  • Operations Management
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  • VMware vCenter Server
  • VMware vCloud Director
  • VMware vSphere
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Azure VMware Solution by Cloud Simple Solution Brief
Move your traditional VMware workloads, along with existing tools, ...