Accelerate Cloud Migrations

Google Cloud VMware Engine is a first-party offering with end-to-end support from Google Cloud. This solution delivers a fully integrated, native VMware experience on Google Cloud that provides high levels of performance and reliability to support production enterprise workloads. With Google Cloud VMware Engine, you can migrate or extend your on-premises workloads to Google Cloud in minutes by connecting to a VMware Cloud Foundation environment directly from the Google Cloud Console. The service is VMware Cloud Verified, the highest level of validation for VMware-based cloud services, to help ensure compatibility and operational continuity across on-premises and cloud environments.

Simplify Your Operations

By running Cloud Foundation on Google Cloud, you reduce your operational burden while benefiting from scale and agility, and maintain continuity with your existing tools, policies, and processes. Customers can deploy VMware vSphere-based workloads, natively, in a dedicated SDDC on Google Cloud and utilize the same applications, tools, processes and policies you use today with no changes. Google Cloud VMware Engine frees IT from the operational overhead of managing physical infrastructure, while adding benefits that your infrastructure only achieves in the cloud such as spin up a dedicated cloud in minutes with per-second billing, and automatic discounts. Improve performance through right sizing and grow or shrink on-demand reducing your costs. Unify management across your VMs and public cloud services to simply IT operations. 

Make your Business more Agile

With this service, Google Cloud brings VMware and Google customers the best of private cloud and public cloud. Alongside their familiarity of VMware tools, customers can rapidly bring new services to market and operate them both seamlessly and more securely.  Take advantage of hybrid cloud architectures and solutions to provide intelligent insights into your customer behaviors with native Google services like AI, ML and BigQuery. 


Google is a VMware Metal-as-a-Service Authorized partner that runs the latest VMware software-defined data center technology, ensuring customers enjoy the same benefits of a consistent infrastructure and consistent operations in the cloud as they achieve in their own physical data center, while allowing customers to also access GCP services.

Data Center locations

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  • United States, Los Angeles
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