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Our mission is to deliver the leading scalable IaaS service sovereign to Australia, supporting Australian Governments and Critical National Industries, making their applications and systems more secure, more efficient and more effective for all users and citizens.

Our mission is underpinned by a belief and culture that all Australians should and can have the utmost confidence that their personal information is highly secure, with sovereign protection within Australia. We believe this must be an affordable and flexible service that enables business transformation and meets the changing requirements of our customers and channel partners, avoids ‘lock-in’ and delivers efficiencies.

AUCloud Infrastructure as a Service

Services Description


AUCloud Compute enables you to provision computing resources (e.g., server capacity) on demand.

Service costs are based on consumption with the flexibility to turn off services that are not in use to avoid unnecessary expense.

AUCloud Compute incorporates, at no additional charge:

• Secure connectivity - into and out of the customer environment;

• Persistent storage - application data remains consistent and available;

• Protective Monitoring across the whole platform to mitigate risk for the whole user community; and

• Personalised support from people who understand your success criteria and what you are trying to achieve

Our transparent pricing enables you to see and understand all the cost components of your service.


AUCloud Storage provides a secure and highly adaptable storage platform to support a wide variety of uses.

Traditional storage solutions are typically characterised by large capital expenditure, an intensive management and support burden and fluctuations between ‘under’ and ‘over ’capacity requirements.

AUCloud Storage:

• Does not attract any upfront costs or minimum term commitments;

• Removes the complexity of capacity management by providing the flexibility and ease to rapidly scale up or down based on customer requirements;

• Means you only pay for what you use, when you use it;

• Provides block and object storage capability, including ability to offload unstructured data (files, media, images) from compute resource to reduce the load on server resources;

• Provides easy access to storage anywhere, any time to any device via HTTP(S).


AUCloud Backup makes it easy to replicate and recover virtual machines to the cloud by failing over from your data centre to AUCloud’s trusted, cost effective and highly connected cloud.

AUCloud Backup means your business continuity and disaster recovery processes are guaranteed.

You can easily replicate data and virtual machines from your primary site to AUCloud to recover services with minimum downtime and data loss.

Unlike traditional disaster recovery techniques, AUCloud Backup enables regular, real-world, non-disruptive tests to be undertaken as required.

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  • Infrastructure as a Service (PayGo)
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